Does Batavia Concrete do the whole thing ? earthworks, labour pour and complete ?

Batavia Concrete does supply concrete only, we can recommend earth workers, concrete teams and polishers .

What is exposed aggregate concrete?
Aggregate concrete consists of a variety of small stones with a choice of riverstone, black or white stones mixed into coloured concrete, it is finished slightly differently to normal concrete so you get that exposed look.

What are the benefits in choosing exposed aggregate concrete?
It’s maintenance free when sealed, weeds cannot grow, it won’t move like traditional brick paving, ants cannot infiltrate it, it’s strong, durable and a cost-effective alternative to brick paving.

What is coloured concrete?
Coloured concrete is a popular decorative concrete that can be coloured to suit your surrounds. This is another durable and attractive alternative to traditional brick paving for use in commercial or domestic applications.

Can Batavia Concrete provide Liquid Limestone?

Yes providing we can source good quality limestone we can make liquid limestone.

What is the smallest load I can have delivered?
The smallest load that can be delivered is 0.4 cubic meters; this is the equivalent of 2 standard wheelbarrow loads, ideal for patio posts and small jobs.

How do I calculate how much concrete I need?
Use the Concrete Calculator below to calculate how much concrete you’ll need for a particular job.

Our calculator follows this simple formula to calculate how much you need:
Multiply the length x the width x the depth of your job; ie 8m x 4m x 0.800mm =25.6m3

If you are unsure of how deep your , driveway, path or patio needs to be, give us a call on (08) 9923 3033 and we’ll help any way we can.

Are there any extra or hidden costs?
No, Batavia Concrete doesn’t hide any costs, what you see is what you get and there are no add-on costs. The quoted price is the price you pay and we don’t cut corners to make cheap inferior products.

How much can our trucks carry?

We have a fleet of 5m3 cube trucks and 1 large 7.5m3 truck

Do we have concretor’s that we can recommend to do your labour?

Yes we have a selection of concretor’s  that we can recommend for any size job and any type of products.

Will Batavia Concrete travel to farms and out of Geraldton ?

Yes Batavia Concrete sure does travel outside of Geraldton, we regularly deliver to Walkaway , Mullewa, Yuna, Binnu, Northampton, Horrocks Port Gregory.